Innovation and why it’s the customer who will decide.

Too often someone’s cost-saving idea is dressed up as an ‘innovation’ examples include supermarket cost cutting exercises. My personal favourite is a pallet dumped on the floor for customers to pick product from described as a ‘floor-based sales unit’.

Innovation is serious. It costs money, it causes waste and the loss of time but provided the lesson are leaned then it can be important for the future security . If you read some of the business books then the product lifecycle, sigma curves and re-invention of business is fundamental to ensuring a future.

These days we see innovation as being tech-driven. New apps, bots and AI that mean our days are made easier (assuming you manage to get the tech to work)Marketing

If however, the primary purpose of innovation is to deliver a consumer or a customer benefit then we are back to the fundamentals of marketing. The ‘anticipating and meeting customer needs’ and that requires the human touch. Yes, you can get a device or algorithm to assist in collecting the data that tells you what you were hoping to anticipate but it still requires judgement and expertise to deliver a customer benefit. aims to combine the two. Anticipating that many companies are looking for new processing and packing facilities to deliver their products helps match the requirements of those companies with capacity who for whatever reason, do not have time to seek out those opportunities. We think that is an innovation and given the number of companies we have helped, they do too.

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