Supermarket buyers beware, we just made your jobs easier

May we suggest that supermarket buyers’ jobs just got a whole-heap simpler. Why? Well, if a buyer’s role is to ensure every square centimetre of the shelf-space they control is to earn as much as possible then finding replacement products for the slow ones might be a lot easier thanks to

How it works?

From the comfort of their over-crowded sample ridden desk they can create an account as a ‘brand-owner’ on and enter a specification of a product they need to source. The criteria might be quite specific such as pack size, shelf-life or equally it might be a range. Once uploaded the ‘project’ is then visible to all the manufactures/processors and contract packers who have registered their capacity. Any matches are then visible to the buyer. The buyer can then make contact without revealing who they are or the company they work for. This means both parties can explore the opportunities without disclosing confidential information.

If, and only if they are ready to talk seriously then they can exchange more detail of themselves. does recommend that parties should get non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements in place prior to exchanging detail.

The exciting bit of this is new entrants into food and drink manufacture can access the wider market especially where the specialism they have is more relevant than just the price as well as Supermarket buyers having a new way to source products and fill their shelves with more or less exactly what they need.



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