Food Fraud

Have you or someone you know been a victim of this crime? No, bet you have. You just didn’t know it.

At the risk of legal action here are some products that might have been miss sold or been miss described and therefore consumers were misled into believing they paid for something that was not what they thought.

Organic milk; much better managed and regulated but go back a few years and this stuff was literally being manufactured from ‘magic silos’ whereby more Organic milk came out of sites that went in. I mean, who knew!

On that subject I think Channel island milk suffered this problem in the past. Either because someone ran short and topped some ordinary milk with extra fat or the herds contained some rather black and white looking Jersey / Guernsey cows. I know because I had to sort out the issue from time to time.

Breed specific beef or lamb; oh yes, when is a breed specific meat what they say it is? When someone has access to DNA testing and the fear of being caught makes compliance a whole lot easier.

Does it matter I hear you say? I mean, has anyone died?

Yes, they have died. And the threat to life, brands and the reputation of an industry relies heavily upon people knowing what is important and ensuring it is done properly.

When testing and positive release systems are required to ensure that a product contains no allergens in any batch rather than a risk-based frequency of testing basis it matters because as the news lately has proved; people die.

As the number of allergens increases and the number of expensive block-chain audit and food security systems increases faster than the number of suppliers you can source something from it highlights the importance of two things

One; Know your suppliers and have a relationship with them I think it is a lot more difficult for humans to do dirty deeds if they know and talk to their business relationships. Given we all go down together if someone cuts corners

Two; Having more suppliers and making it easier to build contingency, capacity and choice into a supply chain makes safety easier not more difficult.

Yes, we have all made the joke about where did my food come from – well where would you like it to have come from? Truthfully, we need to actually know and not rely on some clever bollocks-chain auditing system because one day we might get asked.

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